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Freeks Wild Adventure Book Rovers in the Outback


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Especially for you from Freek!

Freek often gets letters, social messages and emails from kids who want to do the same thing as him. Unfortunately, because he is always traveling, he doesn't have time to answer all those questions. This is another reason why he started writing the book series "Freeks Wilde Avonturen," so that everyone can learn something from it! But also to show how beautiful and special nature is. Hopefully everyone will soon enjoy nature, science and wildlife as much as Freek does! What is more fun than having adventures? Telling about them!

Whether you're sitting on a branch deep in the rainforest, scurrying among the tall grass on the savanna or exhaling clouds on an ice floe in the South Pole, you should always have eyes in the back of your mind. Because they are everywhere. In the air. In the water. And on the land. Robbers! When you talk about predators, you are also talking about prey. A predator today, may be prey tomorrow itself. In nature, it's all about eat or be eaten! With this book Freek shares everything about predators. In the bush, underwater, on the savanna, on the ice....

The book is printed on FSC paper, the raw material for the paper coming from responsibly managed forests worldwide.

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Laterrr, Freek


Fun and educational

112 pages

Hard cover

With beautiful pictures

Printed on FSC paper

Length: 10 cm

Width: 8 cm

With foreword by Freek

Includes behind-the-scenes photos

Especially for tough adventurer

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