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Flamingo Cuddle Frida


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Especially for you from Freek!

Flamingos like to stand on 1 leg. That may seem crazy but it is actually very clever! They tuck one foot under their feathers to keep that leg warm. And because of their good balance they only need one leg, so they use less muscle power and get tired less quickly. Fortunately Frida the Flamingo does not have to stand on one leg, she also likes to lay against you.

Frida the flamingo is a cuddly flamingo with a very soft and colorful coat. In addition, you can wash the cuddly toy in the washing machine. Frida is about 36 cm long.

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Laterrr, Freek

Filled with recycled materials

Machine washable up to 30 °C

Size: 36 centimeters

Flamingo hug

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